The Rozalia Project


It is clear from Emily’s post that The Rozalia Project for a Clean Ocean is an amazing organization who’s visit to Courageous Sailing Center is highly anticipated every year by students and staff alike!

I used to work for Rozalia Project as their Director of Outreach, so I know first hand how influential this organization really is.  Not only does Rozalia Project pick up trash from the surface of the water, the sea floor, and off beaches and coastlines around the country, but they also study the debris they find.  At Courageous, we use Rozalia Project’s data card to keep track of all the trash that we pick up.  This shows students that cleaning up debris really does make a difference and is part of important scientific studies.  Rozalia Project analyzes the data that we give them, along with their own data, to try to work towards solutions to marine debris. You can find Rozalia Project’s data card to use at your own facility here.

Another amazing aspect of Rozalia Project is the technology that they use.  They have an ROV (remotely operated vehicle) that can travel down to the seafloor and remove the trash that is down there with its specially designed gripper arm.  Someone who watches a screen that is showing what the ROV sees in real time manually operates the ROV.  The best part is that this live video feed is projected onto a screen so everyone can see just how much trash is really on the bottom of the ocean.  Students and staff really connect to the water right below their feet!  

One of my favorite things about Rozalia Project is the sailboat from which they operate- the record breaking, circumnavigating American Promise.  This boat has a lot of history and has been through a lot in her day, but she still sails beautifully and is very comfortable inside.  When American Promise and Rozalia Project visit Courageous it is always fun to see students, instructors, staff, members and visitors marvel at the boat and imagine what it would be like to live, work, and operate on a sailboat of this size (60 ft!).  It rounds out the whole experience with Rozalia Project as a prominent environmental and sailing organization from which the whole of Courageous Sailing Center benefits!  Check them out for yourself at;; on Twitter @rozaliaproject; and on Instragram @rozaliaproject.

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