From the Executive Director

Dear Courageous Supporter,

As I begin my eighth year at Courageous, every day brings new reminders of why we do what we do.

When we started our new Swim Sail Science! program back in 2012, my hope was that it would reach more of our city’s underserved kids and help them learn, grow and have fun. Swim Sail Science! includes swimming lessons, since a lack of comfort around water has been a barrier that prevents many urban kids from getting involved with sailing.

9-year-old Elsie Martinez is the epitome of what this program is about. Before Elsie got to Courageous, she was petrified of the water. After her time here, Elsie now swims 15 yards unassisted, and ended the summer by eagerly sailing her family around Boston Harbor, translating sailing terms into Spanish for her grandmother along the way. Her mother, Cinthia, tells us that not only has she overcome her fear of water, she’s also more confident at school and diligent with her homework. We couldn’t be more proud of Elsie and what she’s achieved.

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Lately it’s become impossible to talk about our incredible Courageous kids without mentioning 11-year-old John “J.J.” Michaels. J.J. has been a part of our Courageous family for a couple of years now. This past summer, he gained more than just sailing skills; he made a new best friend named Robyn.

One day, J.J. and Robyn had a disagreement that threatened their friendship, and a very upset J.J. spent the day processing the situation with one of his favorite staff members. All ended well, and that afternoon, J.J. told his sailing instructor that Courageous had helped him learn to communicate his feelings positively. It’s something J.J. will always remember, and a skill he can take with him in life.

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That is the kind of impact you have when you give a gift of support to Courageous. I hope that you will do just that during one of our most important fundraisers of the year. Our deadline for this campaign is midnight on December 31st, but I hope you won’t wait and will lend your support to children like Elsie and J.J. right now.

On a personal note, I want to thank each of you for believing in this mission and joining us in helping Elsie, J.J. and all Courageous kids to reach their full potential. Your act of kindness means the world to so many.

Thank you again for your continued support and generosity.

Dave DiLorenzo


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