Step 5: Advanced Sailing

New in 2017! Step 5 is an Advanced Sailing course offered to children ages 13 and up from the Greater Boston Area.

Each session of Step 5 lasts three weeks, and students frequently repeat this step for a number of summers. Step 5 students who choose to focus on advanced dinghy sailing will learn to race higher performance dinghies (420s and Lasers), and throw asymmetrical spinnakers aboard the RS Quests. Students who choose a sportboat/cruising focus will learn advanced sailing skills plus cruising and navigation basics aboard larger keel boats, including a 26-foot J/80, a fun, high-performance sportboat. Additionally, students will sail to a Boston Harbor Island for an overnight camping trip.

*2017 Update: In response to parent, student, and instructor feedback, we’re excited to announce that we are enhancing our dinghy curriculum to provide more focused instruction for both beginner and advanced dinghy sailors. To this end, this summer we’ll be introducing a new beginner dinghy step taught in RS Quests designed to get sailors comfortable with the basics. This means that students returning to Step 4 will be able to focus more on advanced dinghy skills and racing in 420s (with Lasers as an additional possibility). As such, Step 4 is becoming Step 5, and the new Beginner Dinghy course is becoming Step 4. If your child is graduating into Step 4 in 2017, they should apply for Step 4. If they are returning to Step 4, they should apply for Step 5. Questions or concerns? Contact Toni at**

In 2017 we are planning on offering Step 5 Advanced Dinghy and hope to offer Step 5 Advanced Cruising/Sportboat depending on staffing availability.

July 25 - August 11

14 days
$750   How fees are set
Daily schedule:
8:45am - 3:30pm
Extended day:
8am - 5pm
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    Toni Sacco
    Youth Program Director