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Group Practice Class

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Group Practice Class

3 Hours

Group Practice Classes are a great way to practice some of the skills you learned in your Basic Keelboat Part 1 course, to gain some confidence before heading out on your own, or to brush up on skills if you're just coming back to sailing after a break. On alternating Saturday and Sunday mornings one of our senior instructors will lead on-the-water review sessions for up to 4 people or 2 boats. The morning will start with some on-shore chalk-talk, so come prepared with questions and then be ready to practice!  Students will be paired up to sail together in Daysailorss (unless you really want to practice single-handing with some supervision!) while the instructor coaches from a motorboat.  Some time each day will focus on specific skills, like docking or crew-overboard recovery techniques, or group practice drills to improve general boathandling. This is a great way to build from Red Flag to Yellow Flag, build more confidence, or to get back into it if you haven't been sailing in a while.
Prerequisite: Some sailing experience required
For more information about courses, or to purchase and schedule a course, please email Mike Kostigen, Jamaica Pond Site Director - Adult Programs, or call the JP Boathouse directly at 617-522-5061





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