Advanced Keelboat



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Our Advanced keelboat class is the next step for sailors who are looking to dig deeper into the mechanic of sailing and move on to faster and more powerful sailing platforms. This course is taught in a J80, a performance boat designed for speed and grace, by our top instructors. If you are working on a Green Flag rating, preparing for a J80 checkout, or interested in getting into racing, Advanced Keelboat can help you work toward your goals–just let your instructor know what you’d like to focus on. Our 3:1 student to instructor ratio ensures that we’ll be able to tailor the course to the interests of you and your fellow students.

Advanced Keelboat covers: 

  • The finer points of boat handling: how to use crew weight to your advantage, reduce rudder drag, roll tack and jibe, etc.
  • Advanced sail trim: how and when to use the vang, outhaul, Cunningham, traveler, backstay, and other sail controls to determine the shape and maximize the performance of your sails.
  • A review of the basics and more advanced techniques, including docking, anchoring, crew overboard recovery, and heavy weather sailing.