Courageous Sailing at UMass Boston

Courageous Sailing and UMass Boston are proud to be partnering to bring free sailing, sailing lessons, and kayaking to students, and excited to introduce sailing and kayaking rentals and membership plans to faculty and the Dorchester public.

Hours of operation

June 14th through September 30th
11am to 7pm, Wed – Sun

Courageous at UMass may suspend operations or close early due to weather.

Unlimited student access

Free for UMass students

All kayaking, sailing, and sailing lessons are free to UMass Boston students with valid ID!

Sign our waiver, signup for an account, and send a photo of your student ID to Russell@CourageousSailing.Org

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Already know how to sail? We have 4 Centerboard Cape Cod Mercurys. These are the same boats that are popular on the Charles River. They are perfect small sailboats for beginner sailors, and for daysails around the UMass Boston peninsula.


1 solo kayak and 4 tandem kayaks. These open top kayaks are a pleasure for exploring the coves of Dorchester bay and UMass Boston’s peninsula.

Sailing Lessons

Learn to sail – no prior knowledge of boats required. Start off with just an hour or two of instruction and build your way toward a certification that is valid at any Courageous Sailing site. At the moment, we will be running lessons on Fridays at 4, 5, and 6pm and Saturdays & Sundays every hour from 12pm until 6pm

Open to the public

Public rates

$200 from now until Sept. 30.
Free access to sailboats and kayaks

Sailing rentals*
$20 for the first hour
$10 for every additional hour

Kayak and rowboat rentals*
$15 per hour
$45 per day

Private sailing lessons or cruise:
$45 per hour

*Free for members

Our online purchase and reservation system is currently down, so please call (617) 997-2159 for information!

Sailing address:

Fox Point Boat Dock,
Harbor Walk/University Drive,
South Dorchester, MA 02125


May – October

November – April

UMass Marine Operations

What to bring with you

  • Sunscreen
  • Water
  • Your positive attitude
  • Student ID

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