Frostbiting in Rhodes 19s

Ahhh, Boston winter. After a year like we've all had, you may be ready to curl up somewhere warm, perhaps enjoying a toasty fire and a hot chocolate...OR you could join us for the best racing of the year!

Every Saturday from November through March, Courageous hosts Frostbiting, winter racing in 24 Rhodes 19s. Our fleet features top-notch competition, a commitment to sportsmanship, and 24 well-matched Rhodes on the line each week. Best of all, our Frostbite racers are supporting free and low-cost programs for kids, while enjoying the great breeze, good company, and quality race management that are the hallmarks of Frostbiting at Courageous. Skippers must have extensive racing experience and a solid understanding of the current Racing Rules of Sailing.

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Frostbiting NOR 2022 - 2023

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If you're interested in joining us for a race or two but can't commit to the full season, sign up for our crew list and one of our skippers may contact you to join them.

Steps to joining our crew list:

  1. Sign in to the member portal- If you do not already have an account you can create one on the sign in page
  2. Choose "visit forum" on the member portal page
  3. Choose the "Frostbiting crew list" forum (or click the link below to navigate directly there)
  4. View existing submissions at the top or choose "create new topic" below the forum.
  5. Title your topic: If you are looking to crew, your title should state that. If you are looking FOR a crew, the title should include the date you are looking to fill a spot
  6. Your "content" should include a little about you, your experience, and how best to you reach you (people can respond directly to your post or you can include an alternate way of connecting)

Notes: Anyone can view the crew list but to interact and post to the forum you must first create and sign in to an account.

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Frostbiting SI-2022/2023

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The Results are in!

Once our season is underway, check-back here for weekly updates on the Season and Series totals.

Until then, checkout our season totals from last season to see just how competitive things tend to be and who the team for this year is to beat.