Corporate Outings

Corporate Outings

Pier 4 is a prize venue for an active group of any size.

Courageous offers a wide array of customized outings staffed by our professional instructors that are getting rave reviews. Designed to meet your specific needs, events at Courageous can include relays, regattas, or harbor cruises.

Corporate Events are a vital source of general operating funds for Courageous Sailing making it possible to open the sport of sailing to thousands of Boston-area kids and programs.

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Contact Adam Lucia, the Adult Program Director, for more information or to book an event.

“As a destination management and event planning company, we work with many supplier/partners, and experience a varied level of service. Your team is at the top of our list, because you make it easy for us to do our job from start to finish. We have received so many wonderful reviews from our clients that we send to you, and that means so much to us.”Kathleen Landry, President Destination Partners

The Fun Regatta

The Fun Regatta lets groups learn about sailing and racing, build a sense of teamwork, and enjoy some intramural competition.

Your trip to Courageous begins with a quick welcome and an explanation of how a race works, before heading out on the water. Each boat will have a Courageous instructor aboard, to teach the team how to work together to control the boat; if you’re out on the water for more than two hours, each sailor takes a turn learning to steer, as well. During the last hour, everyone can put their new skills to the test in a series of short races. Usually, the team will take charge of controlling the sails while the instructor steers, but after a few races, everyone may get a chance to take the tiller. We’ll follow up with a casual awards ceremony at the end of the day, so that teams can claim their bragging rights. If you’d like to set up catered event or cookout afterwards, we’re happy to help you arrange it.

The “College-Style” Team Racing Event

This event is great for larger groups as it allows several divisions to compete at alternating times.

The team race format encourages camaraderie and team spirit. Each team has teammates on the water throughout the day, giving everyone a change to win. Those on shore can cheer on the racers or relax and enjoy refreshments dockside.


The Leisurely Harbor Sail

This is the most casual type of outing.

Participants can spend the day learning to sail or tour points of interest in Boston Harbor. A Leisurely sail is often a good option for smaller groups that are not able to field a large number of boats for a fleet race.