Sailing Courses

Whether it’s your first time on a boat or you have miles of water under your keel, when it comes to sailing there’s always more to learn.

Just Getting Started?

You're in the right place! We offer a wide range of courses, led by expert US Sailing-certified instructors. Our classes are extremely hands-on and are kept small (usually no more than three students in the boat with an instructor) for a highly individualized learning experience. While our group classes are geared towards adults (18+), we are more than happy to set up private lessons for families or individuals of any age and experience level.

No membership required

US Sailing Certified Instructors

3:1 Average student to instructor ratio*

All abilities - no boating experience necessary

*For most Learn to Sail courses. Cruising courses may have a a 4:1 or 5:1 ratio

Learn to Sail

This is the best way to learn the basics and then sail at Courageous as a member once you’re ready to sail on your own. All Learn to Sail courses are taught in Rhodes 19's and are suitable for most ages and abilities. The goal of the class is to get you on the water with a red flag rating (able to check out a boat on your own, without an instructor) to practice the skills you have learned.


Intermediate and Advanced Courses

Once you know the basics, you may be looking to increase your skills or learn about larger vessels. Courageous offers courses that can satisfy a whole range of interests on an easy to sail and adaptable J80. Whether you want to take a few more friends out to the Harbor Islands or you want to finally give the asymmetrical spinnaker a try, our courses will provide all the tools and confidence you might need to achieve those sailing goals.


Navigation Courses

Learning how to navigate a boat is one of the most important things any skipper must learn. Essentially, nautical navigation is no more than knowing how to get from Point A to Point B. But the process can be a whole lot more challenging than simply pointing the bow in the right direction.


Cruising Courses & Certification

Everything you need to sail bigger boats with confidence! All courses are taught on one of our five cruisers, including our First Mate course, in which our students learn the skills to be a competent and confident crew. Start with the basics and then work your way up to becoming Bareboat certified and ready to take on a week in a chartered cruising boat down south next winter.


Course & Membership Bundles

Learn to Sail Complete

Learn to sail in two weekends by pairing parts 1 and 2 of our signature Learn to Sail program.

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Learn to Sail Complete + Full Rhodes 19 Membership

Combines our full 24-hour Learn to Sail course with 12 months of access to our fleet of Rhodes 19s to practice your new skills.

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Learn to Sail Refresher + Full Rhodes 19 Membership

Combines our 12-hour Learn to Sail Part 2 course with 12 months of access to our fleet of Rhodes 19s for the freshly minted skipper.

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    Group Practice

    On alternating Saturday and Sunday mornings, join other members and students looking for extra practice, coached by one of our senior instructors. This is a great way to gain more confidence at the tiller, or to get back into sailing if you haven't been out in a while. It's also a great class for working on specific skills needed to earn your Red or Yellow Flag rating.  Signup for our newsletter to stay informed of upcoming Group Practices