Begging for More

In Thank You, Youth by Ashton Wollett

Thank you for supporting Courageous Sailing!

This was my first summer at Courageous and I feel I’ve gotten a deep understanding and developed an appreciation for the program. It is incredible to give these children the opportunity to spend time on the water so early in their lives. I started sailing a bit later in my childhood and it has become an integral piece of the person that I am. I’ve learned how to be confident, assertive, a good leader, and a problem solver. All things that we strive to teach our young sailors.

Many of my Step 1 students arrived on the first day seemingly timid and quiet. When I brought them onto the water, their first time, some were afraid of capsizing which I assured them is impossible in a Rhodes 19. However, they left on the last day begging for me to pull in the mainsail tighter or better yet asking, to do it themselves so that the boat could heel!

Thank you again for your generosity in supporting these kids and letting them experience life on the water! -Emily W.

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