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Courageous Covid-19 Response:

As you know all too well, the COVID-19 pandemic has ushered us all into a time of uncertainty and new challenges. In this era of working together while staying apart, we are more than ever thinking of you and our extended Courageous community. While we, just like everybody else, can’t predict the future or provide firm answers, we do want to update you about how COVID-19 is affecting Courageous. We are hard at work planning for every eventuality, keeping the needs and health of our community in mind, and will keep you updated. We will continue to adhere to the most up-to-date recommendations and directives provided by the CDC and by local, state, and national government, and we thank you for your patience in this time of uncertainty. Please find specific program updates below.

4/29 Message from the Executive Director

Adult Program

last updated 5/21/20

We were excited to see the Massachusetts guidelines for our industry on Monday.  While they allow us to open up by May 25th, we want to make sure that our policies and training are fully in place before we throw open the doors.  For now, we plan to implement a soft opening in the first half of June. In order to adhere to current health guidelines, we will need to implement new safety measures which will make your experience at Courageous look and feel a little different, but we expect these differences to be positive protections that allow access to much-needed recreation this summer.

Our official policies will be laid out in a forthcoming 2020 Member Policy, which will detail specific guidelines that focus on being the safest program possible in a Covid world.  Please stay posted for these policies, and see some of what we are thinking in the list of changes below.

  • Limited hours: In the first few weeks, we will be closed on Mondays and days will be shortened. This is out of an abundance of caution as we get a better sense of how long it takes us to properly clean and sanitize the boats, restrooms, life jackets, Front Desk, and other common areas.

  • Reservations: Reservations will be required for all fleets: This will help us to maintain a safe, limited number of people on the pier and dock at a time. 

  • Guest policy: In accordance with Phase 1 guidelines, we cannot allow guests outside your immediate household to go sailing with you. Members with the rating to single-hand are welcome to take Rhodes out solo. 

  • Boathouse: The boathouse will be a staff-only area. The recommendations within the first three Phases require six feet of distance between people whenever possible and unfortunately, our beloved boathouse cannot accommodate more people safely. 

  • Bathrooms and shared facilities: As the boathouse will be entirely closed, we are going to be providing additional outdoor bathrooms, hand washing stations, and hand sanitizing opportunities.  

  • Racing: As of right now, we will not yet be hosting racing. 

  • Shared equipment: Any and all shared equipment will be under a strict cleaning and sanitizing regimen, which will be shared in the 2020 Member Packet.

  • Radios: Radios will be required for all boats. We will be using radios as another means of controlling how many people are on the pier/dock at a time. Therefore, we will be asking all members to radio us 15 minutes before they intend to dock. 

  • The pier will be closed to all gatherings: This will be maintained through the first two Phases of the state reopening but will be revisited by staff as time goes on. Such events include, but are not limited to, BBQs, post-sailing libations, and pre-sailing picnics.  


last updated 5/21/20

Our ability to conduct lessons rests on adhering to the safest guidelines on non-household members interacting.  No lessons will be able to run in Phase 1, and we are daily discussing how to implement lessons when they are allowed. As of today, if it is safe to run lessons in Phase 2, we expect that all Learn to Sail courses will be taught with only one student and one instructor in the boat (private instruction!), with the addition of live, interactive, remote learning to limit in-person interaction on land.

For our upper-level courses, we are working closely with our instructor, Emilio, to determine the best plan of action. 


last updated 5/21/20

Throughout our soft June opening, only Rhodes 19 will be available to patrons.  As the summer progresses, we will open up to our larger boats. Currently, the J80s and cruisers are still on the hard, because we had to postpone our spring Crane Day (when we launch the fleet). Our slow-open approach allows the maintenance team time to get the cruising fleet put together and taken out for shake-down sails, and gives us time to prepare appropriate guidance on usage with respect to COVID-19. 

If you have questions please reach out to 

5/20 Courageous Reopening News: Updates for Summer 2020

Summer Youth Program

last updated 5/19/20

We are considering 3 scenarios for our Summer Youth Program and pushing back deadlines for turning in paperwork. We have also had to make some tough program calls and will not be running Step 1, JP1, or UMB2 this year.

Summer Youth Program Scenarios-- which scenario we are implementing will be based on which phase of Governor Baker's Four Phase Approach to reopening we are in and current health guidelines.

Scenario 1 (remote programming only; no in-person classes) - In this scenario we will be operating in a fully remote capacity. We will offer half-days of live, online programming for groups of students, over the span of the summer.

Scenario 2 (hybrid: remote programming + some sailing opportunities) -  In this scenario, we will be offering half-day remote learning opportunities, as above. We will also have opportunities, where possible, for students to go out for individual two-hour sails, 1:1 with an instructor, sail in 1 person boats, or potentially some sibling sailing. 

Scenario 3 (new model of in-person programming) - In this scenario, we will be reducing the numbers of students on site. This scenario will also require strict safety measures that must be adhered to. We will stagger drop off and dismissal times, have reduced group sizes, and follow new sanitation and check-in protocols.


  • Swim forms are due before the start of program
  • Scholarships requests can be in the form of a 2018 tax form or quick writeup of how your financial circumstances have changed.
  • We are not accepting payment at this time.

Step 1/JP1/UMB2:

It is with much sadness and disappointment that we have made the painful decision not to run Step 1, JP1, or UMB2 this year. We’ve had to make some tough calls to balance program quality with safety. We feel we can’t safely provide program for beginner students should we be able to run. We also don’t want students who are just starting out at Courageous to miss out on the “magic” of  a typical Courageous experience and running an introductory remote program over zoom did not meet our program objectives. These factors coupled with the need to reduce our group sizes (both remotely and in person) as well as not being able to use our UMass Boston site this summer, led us to this incredibly hard decision.

Contact Ashton Smith at if you have any questions.

STEM Resources

Jen, our Education Director, has been making STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) activity videos for kids, and we invite you to check them out on our website! You can find these on Facebook as well; make sure to follow Courageous Sailing for new episodes.



In accordance with government and CDC recommendations, all Courageous events that were to take place through June 2020 have been postponed. We understand that many members of our community look forward to kicking off their summer on Pier 4, and we hope that they will be able to join us again in the Navy Yard as soon as it is safe to do so.

After School Sailing

It pains us to announce that Courageous will not be able to run our After School Sailing program for the first time since its inception. Current health guidelines and the uncertainty surrounding all of our programming have compelled us to cancel the program that annually brings 100 students to our Pier and out onto the Boston Harbor. Our hope is that we will be able to provide programming and opportunities later in the season for youth and families to experience the sport of sailing.