Developing More Than Sailors

In Youth by Ashton Wollett

My time here at Courageous has been such an incredible experience. Not only for the amazing staff who help the program run so well but also for the students which we have had the privilege to teach. The kids have made work seem like a past-time as it has been so enjoyable and rewarding just to watch them grow in confidence through sailing. Sailing has offered these kids an opportunity to develop their characters and necessary skills in life to help them become great and confident sailors and also kind and generous human beings as well.

Courageous offered these kids a chance to incorporate their own hobbies and interests into sailing and help develop these hobbies and interests as a result. For example, one of the children who I taught was very interested in writing stories. After sailing everyday, she would continue the ‘novel’ she was working on which was inspired by the sailing adventures she would experience out on the water. She was very much encouraged by all of her instructors to continue writing the next chapter of her story as we were always looking forward to hearing what she wrote the next day. This is just one of the many benefits of the program which allows the students to develop sailing skills, creative skills, and also life skills through the Courageous Youth Program. – Gerald

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