Working Together

In Youth by Ashton Wollett

This summer with Save the Harbor Save the Bay we pulled up lobster traps every week. There was one lobster trap at the very end of the dock that had not been pulled up all summer and we decided that we wanted to try it. It proved to be very difficult as multiple instructors tried pulling it up numerous times. One of the kids came up with the idea that we should pull the rope up from the pier side rather than the dock side because the lobster trap may be stuck under the dock.

All of the kids walked back up to the pier and they got some extra line and tied it to the end of the lobster trap line. Some instructors and SHSB staff stayed on the dock and helped from there and the rest of the instructors helped the kids up on the pier. All of the kids got a spot on the line just as we had done on the America boat the day before when we were helping the crew pull up the sails. The kids and instructors all worked together and pulled as hard as they could to try to get the lobster pot up. Sadly, the rope snapped and we never got to see the old lobster pot. We did learn that when everyone works together it is much easier than when one person does it alone. -Hannah

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