• July 18, 2022 at 6:49 am #27402
    Alex G.

    I am looking to sail on any Wednesday and Friday evenings at 5:30 during the sailing season this year. I work till 5:00 in Charlestown but I may have to switch to earlier times when it gets darker in September or October.

    I graduated in 2020 at a different sailing school and am looking for more experience to get my red flag. I hope to ultimately sail regularly with other members in the club, on both weekdays and weekends. I have a mid-fleet membership but must sail with other people who have a flag rating for the time being. I sail well but need more experience rigging, de-rigging, and docking. I would make a good crew member.

    Reply here or email midtempomailbox-clubs@yahoo.com if you are interested. (The disposable email is in case I get spammed.)

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