Making a Splash

In Youth by Ashton Wollett

Adrianna was late to join our group, the Courageous Crazies, but immediately she made friends with another girl in my group. They’ve been inseparable which has been invaluable to her learning in academics and sailing, but especially in the water swimming. Her friend has been motivation to get into the pool, even if not to swim.

Prior to coming to our group, she was fearful of going into the pool, let alone swimming. I always go into the pool and on her first day swimming with us she chose to get into the pool using a life jacket, even going to the deep end holding onto the instructor.

The weeks after only kept getting better, graduating to only a bubble on her back holding a marshmallow bar, and allowing me to accompany her to the deep end ‘just in case’. I’ve seen her laughing and smiling in the pool, shallow OR deep. It makes me really excited to see her confidence grow not only in her swimming skills but also with meeting new people and tackling any difficult problems that she encounters! -Anne

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