A Privilege to Say Thank You

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Dear Courageous Supporter,

Thank you for supporting Courageous Sailing. I’m 17 years old going on 18, and this is my third year as an Instructor-in-Training. I have had so many invaluable experiences at Courageous, at the end of which I have started each school year with a renewed sense of leadership and enhanced understanding of the importance of community outreach and civil engagement.

There are things that I would have never thought I would be doing and new skills that I thought I would never master. Last week I taught in the Swim Sail Science program and I had a kid ask me if I could swim. I said, “of course”, in a an off-handed sort of way. I later glanced down at the kid and she looked a bit miffed. Upon further thought, I realized that my response was one of privilege. There are many kids, who despite Boston’s proximity to the water can not swim, or enjoy all it has to offer. I resolved after that day to never forget that working and learning at Courageous is a true privilege, one that was made possible by your generousity, and for that I thank you!


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