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My favorite day at Courageous was when I took Step 2 to the aquarium.

Step 2 is absolutely amazing and they are so interested in learning new things. I remember their faces as we walked into the Aquarium, they were full of happiness and eager to learn. Two other instructors and I took the kids to go see their favorite animal, the penguins! They loved walking like them and learning about the different types. After that we decided to join in on the rest of Step 2’s search and find/bingo game. My three kids ran around looking for interesting facts about snails and running to touch a stingray. My kids even stopped to actually read about each animal they visited. This opportunity showed me that the kids learn stuff at Courageous even if it isn’t about sailing. The kids here are getting a chance to learn so many different aspects of life and the world. I, as an Instructor-in-Training, have learned so many things from these wonderful children. -Tess

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