Coastal Passage Making


  • 6-day, 5-night trip; one overnight sail; ~60 hours of instruction,
  • US Sailing certification available
  • The next step beyond bareboat. Gain the skills to reach more distant destinations.
  • Course itinerary is weather dependent, but would typically aim to reach Martha’s Vineyard via a passage through the Cape Cod Canal and Buzzards Bay
  • Advanced route planning and navigation, including sailing through the night
  • Advanced boat handling under sail and powe
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With a Bareboat course behind you, Coastal Passage Making is the next step to a lifetime of adventure far beyond Boston Harbor.  This course prepares you for the intricacies of life aboard a boat and how to manage an extended cruise.  From provisioning and planning to keeping watch on an overnight sail, Coastal Passage Making will open the door to students looking to sail further and for longer periods of time!  We would encourage students interested in taking this course to prepare by taking the Coastal Navigation class and/or Night Sailing course. Students can expect to plan, plot and navigate their way around Cape Cod and the Islands.


This course includes a guaranteed overnight sail. We will depart Courageous on a Sunday afternoon and return the following Friday.


Some of the items covered in the course include:
  • Locate and practice donning of life jackets. Selecting a safety harness.
  • Location and testing of three separate bilge pump systems and bilge high water alarm, location of thru-hull fittings and attached wooden plugs, location and use of emergency tiller.
  • Survey of battery charging and monitoring systems. Discussion of alternative power options.
  • Spare parts: engine, outboard, electrical, refrigeration. What you should carry on your boat.
  • Steering by compass and stars during night watch.
  • Raising, reefing and stowing mainsail including use of lazy jacks, rigid vang and preventer.
  • Pre-departure, pre-passage and daily rigging checks including chafe prevention.
  • Location of spare rigging and fittings. Emergency rigging repair procedures.
  • Preparation for storm conditions: locate storm sails, check bilge and pumps, clear decks and cockpit, charge batteries, preparation of easy meals, catch up on sleep.
  • Sources of marine weather: VHF, Navtex, GRIB files, INMARSAT-C, airports.
  • Demonstrate the ability to identify and explain the features of: high pressure, low pressure, warm fronts, cold fronts, occluded fronts, stationary fronts, convergence zones, ridges, troughs.
  • Use of VHF  for communication and distress.
  • Discussion of various communication options for long distance cruisers.
  • Dealing with new marinas and contacting Harbor Masters

If you choose to take our CPM course in the Caribbean you can also expect this course to include

  • Contacting and coming into a foreign port
  • Dealing with customs
  • Identifying areas to provision in foreign ports

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