Learn to Sail + Membership Bundle


    Combines our full 24-hour Learn to Sail course with 12 months of access to our fleet of Rhodes 19s to practice your new skills.

Learn to Sail Part 1

  • 2-day, 12-hour course
  • Introduction to sailing
  • Rigging, knots, basic boat handling
  • Follow up with Part 2 for the full curriculum

Learn to Sail Part 2

  • 2-day, 12-hour course
  • US Sailing certification available
  • Build comfort with sail trim,
    docking, & more
  • Build on the basics from Part 1

Core Fleet Membership


Learning to sail is just the beginning of a lifetime of fun and adventure on the water. We are excited to offer a bundle that takes you seamlessly from learning all of the basics in our Learn to Sail Complete course to enjoying a full season of sailing on Boston Harbor! The membership lets you continue to hone your new sailing skills while taking your friends and family for a leisurely cruise around the harbor.

More About the Course

At the end of Learn to Sail, most students are ready to skipper one of our Rhodes 19 keelboats on their own. Your instructor, who will always be in the boat with you and up to two fellow students, will guide you through the sailing fundamentals, combining short chalk talks and extensive on-the-water coaching to help you develop and reinforce new skills. You’ll learn how to rig and de-rig your boat, leave and return to the dock safely, adjust your sails and rudder to make the boat go where you want, understand the basics of how sailing works, and tie some important knots (always a good way to impress your non-sailing friends!).

For more information about the course, visit the Learn to Sail Complete page.

More About the Membership

As a Rhodes 19 (aka Core Fleet) Member, you’ll have access to our fleet of 27 Rhodes 19s. All memberships include access to barbecues, racing, fireworks-watching parties, moonlight sails, and Harbor Island camping trips. Private lessons are always 50% off for members, and courses are discounted 10%. Members are welcome to take guests sailing for no extra charge or sail solo after passing a single-handed checkout. As a Courageous member, you’ll be a part of an enthusiastic, inclusive community of sailors… and you’ll be helping Courageous provide free and low-cost sailing opportunities for Boston kids.

For more information about all of our memberships, visit the Memberships page.

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