Learn to Sail Complete- Parts 1 & 2


  • 4-day, 24-hour course
  • US Sailing certification available
  • Full Learn to Sail curriculum: progress from beginner to skipper in 24 hours

Learn to Sail Part 1

  • 2-day, 12-hour course
  • Introduction to sailing
  • Rigging, knots, basic boat handling
  • Follow up with Part 2 for the full curriculum

Learn to Sail Part 2

  • 2-day, 12-hour course
  • US Sailing certification available
  • Build comfort with sail trim,
    docking, & more
  • Build on the basics from Part 1
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Learn to Sail in two weekends! If your goal is to become a competent and confident sailor with a solid understanding of the basics, this is the course for you. At the end of our two weekend class, most students are ready to skipper one of our Rhodes 19 sailboats on their own. Your instructor will guide you and your fellow students through the sailing fundamentals, combining short chalk talks and extensive on-the-water coaching to help you develop and reinforce new skills. 

You’ll learn to rig and de-rig your boat, leave and return to the dock safely, adjust your sails and rudder to steer the boat, understand basic sailing theory, and tie some important knots (always a good way to impress your non-sailing friends!).

By the end of this hands-on, learn to sail course, most students are ready for a Red or Yellow Flag skipper rating, which means they can safely skipper a small keelboat in light to moderate conditions without an instructor. Students may also choose to take the US Sailing Basic Keelboat exam following their course.

Skills and Concepts Covered

  • Basic seamanship
  • Rigging and knot tying
  • Sailing terminology
  • How to maneuver a sailboat and perform basic, essential maneuvers

Course Structure

3-to-1 Instruction: In our traditional format, 3 students and 1 instructor sail together, allowing for plenty of personalized attention and teamwork. LTS Parts 1 + 2 is held over the course of 12 hours each, or 24 hours total. Learn to Sail Part 1 consists of 2 six-hour, back-to-back weekend days; Learn to Sail Part 2 follows the same format. 

Scheduling Your Course

Learn to Sail Complete consists of our Learn to Sail Part 1 and Learn to Sail Part 2 curriculum. We encourage students to choose consecutive weekends but understand this may not be possible for everyone. When booking your course, the Part 1 sessions must fall before Part 2 sessions. Weekends should ideally be booked close together when they cannot be booked consecutively.

Recommended Next Steps

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Get Your US Sailing Certification

Our Learn to Sail curriculum aligns with the US Sailing Basic Keelboat Curriculum. Following our Learn to Sail course series of both Parts 1 and 2, you’ll be well prepared for the US Sailing Basic Keelboat certification test, which we offer the ability to take for an additional fee. The US Sailing Basic Keelboat Certification is widely recognized by sailing centers.

We cannot reschedule lessons within two weeks of their start date unless we are able to fill the spot with another student. For more information on our refund policy, click here.