Meet the J80


  • Friday evenings for 3 hours
  • J80 membership not required
  • Learn about the J80
  • Practice basic maneuvers
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You enjoy the Rhodes 19 but you can’t help but wonder what something a little bigger, a little sleeker, would feel like. You’re not ready to commit to a full course or membership but wouldn’t mind learning more about what that next level looks like. If any of the above applies to you (or maybe you feel like you just want to be sure you are ready for the next step), then Meet the J80 is the perfect class for you! Almost every Friday we will host this opportunity to go out and get to know what our J80s are all about. All you need to do is let the frontdesk ( know you’re coming. We fill the 5 first spots each week on a first come first serve basis; act fast so you don’t miss out! Who doesn’t want to join us for a leisurely Friday evening cruise?

Meet the J80 curriculum includes:

  • An orientation to J80 basics: rigging, sail-handling, tacking/jibing, docking, crew overboard recovery, reefing, winch safety, outboard engine overview, etc.
  • Applying your existing sailing skills and knowledge to a vessel that is bigger, faster, and has a longer glide zone than a Rhodes 19.
  • An introduction to crew roles and how to teach crew to assist a skipper.


  • Learn to Sail (or similar experience)
  • Yellow Flag certification

Course Structures in 2022 and possible changes for Covid-19

Keeping participants and instructors safe at all times while on and off the water is always a top priority for Courageous. We adhere to state and federal guidelines, as well as guidance issued on outdoor recreation and amateur sports. As you know, these policies on social distancing, mask-wearing, and group sizes are ever-shifting. Because of this, we will remain flexible with our course structure for 2022 and make changes if and when necessary. As of November 2021, our intended course structure for 2022 will be as follows:

  • Three-on-One Instruction: In our traditional format, three students and one instructor sail together, allowing for plenty of personalized attention and teamwork. 

Recommended next steps:

Things to note:

Meet the J80 is a 3-hour introductory clinic and is not designed to replace our Performance classes, in which we encourage sailors to enroll to build more advanced skills. A J80 membership is not required to participate, but membership and a separately scheduled J80 checkout would be necessary to gain access to the J80 fleet outside of class hours.

Cancellation and Refund Policy: Please note that in an effort to keep our courses and memberships as affordable as possible, we must limit changes in schedule and membership. Because staff and instructors are hired and scheduled in advance, Courageous memberships, lessons, and/or other program fees are not refundable for any reason, including cancellation due to weather, or the participant’s inability to utilize the membership, lesson, or program. That said, we do understand that sometimes life gets in the way of sailing plans and, if necessary, we will work with you to reschedule for a later date. We cannot reschedule lessons within two weeks of their start date unless we are able to fill the spot with another student. All rescheduled lessons purchased before September 1 must be completed before the end of the season for which they were purchased; if purchased between September 1 and October 31, rescheduled lessons must be completed before June 30 of the following year.