Core Fleet Membership




Courageous memberships make it very easy to get started and to step up to the next level when the time comes. We offer a fleet of 27 Rhodes 19’s to suit your sailing plans, your schedule, and your budget.

All memberships include access to barbecues, racing, fireworks-watching parties, moonlight sails, Harbor Island camping trips, and discounts on courses and Gill apparel. Private lessons are always 50% off for members, and courses are discounted 10%. Members are welcome to take guests sailing for no extra charge, or sail solo after passing a single-handed checkout. As a Courageous member, you’ll be a part of an enthusiastic, inclusive community of sailors…and you’ll be helping Courageous provide free and low-cost sailing opportunities for Boston kids.

Take a look at the different options and decide which fleet and membership option works best for you. Not a sailor yet? No problem! Check out our Course and Membership Combos.

Family Memberships: Our family membership works as a way for 2 skippers to share access to the same Rhodes 19 membership. Each skipper must be at least 18 years of age and complete the Courageous on the water and written exams before taking out a vessel on their own. Each member has full guest privileges and is welcome to join us for all member offerings. To add a third skipper please click here. No more than 3 skippers may share a Family Memberhship.

Note: Year-long Core Fleet memberships run from May 1 through October 31, or for one calendar year if purchased after May 1. Members must pass an on-the-water checkout and written test in order to sail a Courageous boat without an instructor; please see our Flag Ratings section for more information. An on-the-water checkout is required for each type of boat sailed; typically, as boat size increases, so does Courageous’s expectation for seamanship and skill level. Our sailing area extends out around the Harbor Islands for qualified members. Courageous is open noon-sunset on weekdays and 10-sunset on weekends and holidays, May 1 through October 31. Boat availability is usually plentiful (except before 3:30 on weekdays during the 6 weeks of our summer Youth Program), but is not guaranteed. A small additional fee may be charged for some member activities. All memberships include coverage of damage caused by normal wear and tear; members are financially responsible for damage due to negligence or errors in boathandling or judgement.

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